Online store "Den Surka" (Groundhog Day)


Drupal: 7

Multisite online store

Migration of all content from Drupal 6 + Ubercart 2

  • 26000 product entities,
  • 3000 product display,
  • 116 product types (a separate entity in which the settings for attributes, display, etc. are stored)
  • 1500 colors,
  • 600 sizes,
  • 90 features of the goods - for make a selection in the catalog from them,
  • 225 characteristics of goods, while they perform a descriptive function, it is planned to add them to the index depending on the type of goods

Colors and sizes given to the commonly understood.

Of the features:

  • sorting and filtering products inside displays,
  • tracking stock balances of goods in 16 stores of the retail network - user can filter only those products that are in a particular store, if the wants to try on a thing before buying,
  • synchronization of stock balances and prices (including the old price - the new price) with the database of the retailer,
  • multidomain: while the retail network website, "Den Surka" is launched, it is planned to transfer the remaining sites from d6 + uc2 and add new ones. Expected to increase the number of products / displays up to 40,000/5000 entities.
    Each site can have a separate assortment (at the level of product and product display), its own pricing policy, its marketing activities (hit of sales, product of the day, etc.),
  • general order administration panel for all domains; at the moment, orders from the new site on d7 are synchronized with the old admin panel of other sites on d6 through services
  • checkout has been substantially redesigned - delivery methods are grouped, payment methods are tied to delivery methods, fields for user input are minimized, depending on the selected delivery and payment